PM Citu: Economic operations to end the day at 6.00 pm where incidence rate is 4-6 per thousand

The National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU) is set to regulate on Wednesday, through a decision, the measure saying that the economic operations in certain fields of activity should end at 6.00 pm in those localities where the COVID-19 incidence rate is between 4 and 6 per thousand, Prime Minister Florin Citu informed.

PM Citu: I want to have face to face courses all school year; children's safety is most important

Prime Minister Florin Citu on Sunday said, during a videoconference with the prefects and the DSPs (Public Health Directorates) representatives, that he wants face to face physical presence in schools this year, and that the safety of the children must remain the most important, mentioning that the established rules are necessary.

PM Citu: More decisions on dismissal of senior ministerial officials are to be published on Thursday

Prime Minister Florin Citu announced on Thursday that more decisions on the dismissal of senior ministerial officials endorsed by the Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) alliance will be published in the Official Journal today, given that some of them were left out. "There are more decisions that will be published today, which will settle the matter.

Extension of state of alert/PM Citu: Antigen tests valid for 48hrs

The Government has decided to prolong the state of alert by 30 days, with the single modification being the extension of the validity period of the antigen tests from 24 to 48 hours, Prime Minister Citu informs on Thursday.      "We had a special government meeting where we approved the extension of the state of alert on the Romanian territory for another 30 days.

PM Citu: Nationwide minimum salary must increase; We decided to have a clear formula by the end of October

The nationwide minimum salary must increase, Prime Minister Florin Citu said at the end of the Tripartite Council meeting, stating that in discussions with trade unions and employers it was decided to agree on a calculation formula by the end of October. "The nationwide minimum salary must increase!

PM Citu: Presence at gov't sitting shows whether or not we support Romania's development

Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Friday that the ordinance for the approval of the Anghel Saligny Programme will be adopted in the Cabinet meeting at 16:00 hrs and showed that the meeting will take place even if the USR PLUS (Save Romania Union - Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity) ministers are not present. "The National Investment Plan will be approved today.

PM Citu adamant on school year taking place with in-person attendance

Prime Minister Florin Citu told a video call on Thursday with the prefects and representatives of the Public Health Directorates that he is adamant on this school year taking place with in-class attendance. "I am asking you to get seriously involved, to work together and make sure that all steps are taken for the educational process to run smoothly and with as little risk as possible.

AUR leaders: Citu Gov't trying to usher in mandatory vaccination, we invite unions to discussions

The Alliance for the Unity of Romanians (AUR) invites trade unions in the public system to consultations at the Palace of Parliament on grounds that "government officials have stepped up threats and intimidations against public system staff" who do not want to get vaccinated. "The Citu Government has dictatorial moorings and is trying to backhandedly usher in mandatory vaccination.

PM Citu agrees with USR recommendations on Anghel Saligny programme, PNDL 3 in approval

Prime Minister Florin Citu reiterated on Monday that he agrees with all the recommendations of the USR (Save Romania Union) regarding the Anghel Saligny (PNDL 3, National Local Development Programme) investment programme, noting that there are no other debates, and the programme is in the approval procedure and after that it will be discussed in the government.

PM Citu: We have what it takes for in-person instruction to resume this school year

Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Friday that he wants the school year to start with in-person attendance and continue like that.    "I had two things that I said at the beginning. I said - and I stand firm on these: I want this school year to start with in-person attendance and remain like that.