Civil disobedience

Hunger striking terrorist reportedly taken to ICU

Dimitris Koufodinas, a terrorist prisoner who has been on hunger strike since May 2, has been taken to the intensive care unit at the Volos General Hospital, reports said Friday.
Koufodinas, a leading member of Greece's most deadly guerrilla group, November 17, has been on strike after authorities refused to grant him a fresh furlough from an agricultural jail in Volos.

Hospital workers stage anti-government protest in Athens

The union of Greek hospital workers, POEDIN, was on Monday staging the latest in a series of four-hour work stoppages, demanding pay for arduous and hazardous professions and accusing the government of trying to suppress trade unionism.

Monday's walkout, which started at 11 a.m. and was to run through 3 p.m., was expected to disrupt services at state hospitals.

Teachers clash with police again during rally

Riot police spray tear gas at a group of educators and unionists during a protest rally in downtown Athens, on Monday. Similar clashes between riot squad officers and teachers at a rally on Friday have strained relations between the union representing police officers, who were accused of using excessive force, and the citizens' protection minister.