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Wrestling in the Colosseum

How will the hatred that has spread around us in the years of the crisis be erased? The Greek people have been deeply divided. You have the supporters of the bailouts versus the critics, the haves versus the have-nots, the patriots versus the traitors and so on. Everyone played a part in drenching Greek society in hatred.

Under the sea: Fighting Greece's plastic trash problem

Dressed all in black and preparing his diving gear with loud zips and clicks, George Sarelakos looks like he's part of a Greek naval operation ready to storm an island or take down smugglers. He's not - but he and four other volunteer divers do have a challenging mission: Clearing the plastic trash from the sea floor that's suffocating Greece's marine life.

Mortal tomcats! Photographer snaps flying cats in…kung fu poses! (FUNNY PHOTOS)

Hisakata Hiroyuki, a talented photographer from Japan, has managed to snap a group of mortal tomcats in a variety of high-flying kung fu poses.

Using his own rapid-fire reactions, he photographs the lovable cats flying through the air, their legs and paws outstretched, like something out of an action movie.

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Sasa Basta shows off her perfect body and becomes your obsession! (SEXY PHOTOS)

Sasa Basta: we know her, we love her and it is impossible not to notice her on any beach, even if there are 5000 people there!

Especially with these photos on her social media accounts, the Greek model has what it takes to become your obsession!

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