Climate change

Hollywood missing the drama in climate change

Hollywood's response to climate change includes donations, protests and other activism but it's apparently missing out on an approach close to home.

Only a sliver of screen fiction, 2.8 percent, refers to climate change-related words, according to a new study of 37,453 film and TV scripts from 2016-20. A blueprint for ways to turn that around was released on April 19.

Climate change brings extreme, early impact to South America

Scientists have long been warning that extreme weather would cause calamity in the future. But in South America, which in just the last month has had deadly landslides in Brazil, wildfire in Argentine wetlands and flooding in the Amazon so severe it ruined harvests, that future is already here.

UN climate report: ’Atlas of human suffering’ worse, bigger

Deadly with extreme weather now, climate change is about to get so much worse. It is likely going to make the world sicker, hungrier, poorer, gloomier and way more dangerous in the next 18 years with an "unavoidable" increase in risks, a new United Nations science report says.

And after that watch out. finds out: Cluster 4 for Serbia confirmed

As we find out, all the formal conditions for the opening of cluster 4 at the upcoming 13th Intergovernmental Conference planned for December 14 have been met.
As a reminder, cluster four deals with the "Green Agenda and Sustainable Connectivity", the cluster combines chapters related to transport, energy, trans-European networks, environmental protection and climate change.