Climate change in Europe

Country braces for another heat wave

Authorities have warned of an impending weeklong heat wave during the summer tourist season, with a high risk of dangerous wildfires, as much of southern Europe swelters under high temperatures.

The Ministry for Civil Protection and Climate Change said southwesterly winds from Africa would bring temperatures sometimes exceeding 40C at least until July 19.

Hot Spell Hits Bulgaria: Highs of 39°C Expected in Coming Days

In the upcoming days, Bulgaria is set to experience scorching temperatures ranging between 35 to 39 degrees Celsius, with forecasts suggesting even hotter conditions over the weekend. A nationwide warning for dangerously high temperatures has been issued, emphasizing the severity of the heatwave.

Most of Greece suffered from drought this June

Most parts of Greece suffered from drought in June, data from by the National Observatory of Athens showed on Tuesday. 

Its network of weather stations across the country recorded a severe lack of rainfall combined with very high temperatures. 

In some places, like in the center of Athens, there was not a single rain drop recorded for the whole of June. 

EU needs to double investment to meet climate goals: Report

The European Union needs to double targeted investment to meet its 2030 climate goal, a consortium of research organisations has said, warning that the pace of Europe's related action must accelerate.

Delivering on the 2030 objective is pivotal for the EU's ability to achieve an ambitious target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and end its contribution to global warming.

Heatwave Hits Bulgaria: 'Boiling in Your Own Sauce'

In the next five days, temperatures in Bulgaria are expected to range from 32 to 38 degrees, with Thursday and Friday marking the peak of the heatwave, according to climatologist Professor Georgi Rachev on bTV. He described the humid tropical nights as particularly uncomfortable, likening them to being "boiled in your own sauce."