Climate change policy

Turkey among 171 countries to sign Paris climate accord

Turkey is ready to cooperate with other countries against climate change, Environment Minister Fatma Güldemet Sar? said late April 22.

Signing the Paris climate agreement at the UN, Sar? said the signing ceremony was "a historic day for the world" and outlined measures the country will take against environmental change.

Nikolic to attend signing of Paris climate deal

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic will on Friday, April 22, attend the signing of the Paris agreement on climate change at the UN headquarters in New York.

President Nikolic will attend the ceremony at the invitation of French President Francois Hollande and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Nikolic's presidential press office said in a statement.

Turkey needs transparent monitoring, emissions reporting: IETA

Reliable and transparent monitoring and emissions reporting are "step one" for an emerging carbon market, European Union Policy Director at International Emissions Trading Association Sarah Deblock said as she discussed the country's road map in energy transition within COP21 objectives.

Turkey 'faces bandwagon effect on climate change'

Turkey's continued preference for fossil fuels will soon become untenable as it becomes impossible to swim against the tide of greater support for renewable energy, according to the projects manager of the CDP in Turkey, a non-profit organization working with companies and cities on climate change. 'Turkey is planning new investments in coal; this needs to stop,' Mirhan Köro?lu Gö?ü?

The real threat to us all: Climate change

At long last, after years of bickering and weeks of intense bargaining, the world's leaders acknowledged the current dismal state of the environment in Paris on Dec. 11 and pledged their support to attempt to prevent a global catastrophe in the foreseeable future by agreeing on several preventive measures. The latest U.N. Climate Conference that took place in Paris between Nov. 30 and Dec.

Turkey, the lone wolf of the climate change summit

This time Turkey was a more active or, let's say, a more visible participant in the climate change talks, said Ethemcan Turhan, who was in Paris during the two week summit that finally ended with an agreement.

In the past, Turkey usually would talk on the last day and repeat its same line asking for her special conditions to be recognized.

Which side of history will Turkey choose on climate change?

I went to the COP21 climate summit in Paris, invited by the TEMA Foundation.

The delegations worked for two weeks to try to agree on a joint action plan. The aim was to sign an agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degree Celsius to stop climate change, which leads to natural disasters, death, migration and famine.