Climate change policy

European Parliament, Member States Set Higher Goal for Carbon Emissions Cut – 55 Percent by 2030

The European Parliament and EU member states have agreed a target to cut carbon emissions by "at least" 55 percent by 2030, the EU Commission said in a statement released early Wednesday.

The agreement comes after intense negotiations between parliament, who wanted at least 60 percent reduction, and leaders of the member states, who agreed 55 percent in November.

Domestic Flights to Be Banned in France to Curb Carbon Emissions

France launched yet another initiative, aimed at curbing carbon emissions. Under new amendments in legislation all domestic flights that could be substituted by train travel for under two and a half hour routes will be permanently suspended, Reuters reported. The move is the last in a series of actions targeted to lower green house gases.

IEA: Global CO2 Emissions Rise to Worrying Levels after Historic Decline in 2020


The International Energy Agency (IEA), which has compiled the new data, says ensuring that 2019 marks a definitive peak in global CO2 emissions will be "extremely challenging".

The IEA says the COVID crisis in 2020 triggered the largest annual drop in energy-related carbon dioxide emissions since the Second World War.