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Trump has pleaded Not Guilty to Allegations of Leaking Classified Documents

Former US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he pleads not guilty to charges that he smuggled classified documents out of the White House.

Trump appeared in federal court in Florida, setting off a legal battle that is likely to play out over the months as Trump campaigns for the November 2024 presidential election.

Trump prepares for court appearance as 1st ex-president to face federal criminal charges

Donald Trump arrived in Florida on Monday ahead of a history-making federal court appearance on dozens of felony charges accusing him of illegally hoarding classified documents and thwarting the Justice Department's efforts to get them back.

Trump blasts federal indictment as 'baseless'

Former President Donald Trump blasted his historic federal indictment as "ridiculous" and "baseless" Saturday during his first public appearances since the charges were unsealed, painting the 37 felony counts as an attack on his supporters as he tried to turn dire legal peril to political advantage and project a sense of normalcy.

Trump stored, showed off classified documents, indictment says

Donald Trump improperly stored in his Florida estate sensitive documents on nuclear capabilities, repeatedly enlisted aides and lawyers to help him hide records demanded by investigators and cavalierly showed off a Pentagon "plan of attack" and classified map, according to a sweeping felony indictment that paints a damning portrait of the former president's treatment of national security inform

Trump indicted in classified documents case in a historic first for a former president

Donald Trump has been indicted on charges of mishandling classified documents at his Florida estate, a remarkable development that makes him the first former president in U.S. history to face criminal charges by the federal government that he once oversaw.