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Donald Trump Signs Decree Against Obamacare

Just a few hours after assuming office, the new US President Donald Trump signed a decree against the health reform law known as Obamacare.

Thus, he kept his promise made during the election campaign in November 2016.

The decree is aimed at reducing to a minimum the financial burden of the law before its annulment, announced the White House.

Turkey in a rapid, intense start with Trump administration

A new era in the United States and the world has just begun, as Donald Trump took his oath of office on Jan. 20 in the inauguration in Washington D.C. As an outsider and a real estate mogul, President Trump will certainly make his mark on national and global politics in the coming four years with his ambition "to make America great again."

Donald Trump inauguration: 45th US president to be sworn in


The property tycoon won an unexpected victory in November’s election after a controversial campaign.

Hundreds of thousands of supporters and protesters are travelling to Washington DC for the event.
Thousands of police have been deployed and many kilometres of crowd barriers set up as part of a vast security operation.