Climate forcing agents

Air Pollution Costs the World $ 8 Billion a Day

Global cost of fossil-fueled air pollution is $ 8 billion a day, or roughly 3.3% of global economic output, according to BGNES.

The report from the Center for Energy and Clean Air Research (and the Greenpeace Branch in Southeast Asia) is the first to evaluate global air pollution costs, specifically by burning of oil, gas and coal.

The Smoke from the Fires in Australia Reached Chile and Argentina

Forecasters have detected particulate matter in the air in South America.

The smoke from the fires in Australia reached Chile and Argentina.

The presence of smoke should not cause any serious effects in the South American nation, since it rarely rains in that area.

Atmospheric currents carried fragments across the Pacific Ocean 12,000 kilometers from the raging fires.

US Airline is Beginning to Use Fuel Made from Recycled Garbage

US air carrier JetBlue is beginning to use recycled fuel to cause less environmental damage. The innovative solution is part of a major plan by the company to support nature conservation, writes BBC.

JetBlue has announced that they'll carbon offset all of their domestic flights as of July 2020.

Scientists Predict a Catastrophic Decline in Human Intelligence

Scientists at the University of Colorado at boulder (USA), predict a catastrophic decline in human intelligence due to the increased carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere, according to the website

Researchers tracked how increased levels of carbon dioxide affect children's learning.

One-Third of Tropical African Plants Are Threatened with Extinction

About one-third of tropical African plants are threatened with extinction, according to a new study cited by the BBC.

Much of West Africa, Ethiopia, as well as vast areas of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are the regions found to be most at risk, that will lose about 40 percent of their plant diversity

UNDP, Hatay Municipality tackle climate change, environmental impacts of migration

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Hatay Metropolitan Municipality have joined forces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the local level, in a bid to tackle climate change issues and the effect of the high influx of migration on the environment.