Climate history

Climate change is systematic shock to civilization: UNDP

The climate crisis is a "systematic shock to civilization" rather than a social, environmental or economic issue, a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) official said on Feb. 26.

"It's a tremendous challenge for our planets and residents," Sukhrob Khojimatov, the UNDP's deputy resident representative, said at an event in the Turkish capital Ankara.

The Number of Antarctic Penguins is Dramatically Decreasing

Climate warming leads to accelerated melting of ice around the south pole

The number of Antarctic penguins in western Antarctica has decreased by 77% since their last census. It was in the 70's of the 20th century. According to scientists studying climate change, the population of penguins is declining dramatically.

Which is the Word of 2019?

The Oxford Dictionary chose the word 2019. It is climate emergency. 

The Dictionary defines the term as "a situation in which urgent action is required to reduce or halt climate change and avoid potentially irreversible environmental damage resulting from it."

In the last year - from September 2018 to September 2019, the use of the phrase has increased by 10 700 percent.