Clinical medicine

Suspected coronavirus case admitted to Patras hospital

A 40-year-old man is being treated at a hospital in the western port town of Patras on suspicion of being a coronavirus carrier, local media reported on Monday evening.

The man, who was admitted to the University Hospital with flu-like symptoms,  returned on Sunday by ferry from a trip to Italy, accoridng to the reports.

Israelis prefer Turkey for hair transplantation

Israeli men come to Turkey to have hair transplant operations despite strained political relations between Israel and Turkey.

Nearly 200,000 Israelis visited Turkey in 2014 but the figure exceeded 500,000 in 2019, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.

The majority of Israeli tourists come for good medical service, especially plastic surgery and hair transplants.

Cancer-causing mutations start years prior to diagnosis

The latest most comprehensive research shows cancer signs can be identified many years before diagnosis.

Mutations that cause cancer in genes were examined in 10 years of research that was published on Feb. 5 in the journal Nature with the participation of 1,300 scientists.

Forty-seven million genetic changes in more than 2,500 tumors in 38 cancer types were analyzed.

What are the Coronavirus Symptoms?

The deadly coronavirus continues to spread. The victims of the new virus are at least 361 and those infected are over 17,000, but the data is constantly changing. The Ministry of Health specified the symptoms of the infection.

As of now, the virus can cause mild flu-like symptoms such as:

- fever;

- cough;

- breathing difficulties;

- muscle pain;

Annually more than 4,000 People Develop Lung Cancer in Bulgaria - over 3,000 of them Are Men

Every year, 4250 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in Bulgaria, 3260 of them among men, Prof. Asen Dudov, chairman of the Bulgarian Cancer Society, told BTA. According to him, the reasons for the increase in lung cancer cases are smoking, exposure to asbestos, passive smoking, genetic prerequisites and more.