Clinical medicine

Premier orders fast investigation into fatal 'V. Babes' mobile ICU oxygen failure

Prime Minister Florin Citu offered on Monday night his condolences to the families of the three Covid patients who died earlier in the day at the mobile Intensive Care Unit of the 'Victor Babes' Hospital in Bucharest, following a malfunction of the oxygen supply system.

Is there immunity without antibodies?

"Some mild problems in the category of older people over 70 do exist, with men who have developed a slightly weaker humoral response when it comes to Sinopharm vaccines. To a lesser extent, it also happens with other types of vaccines. We will pay special attention to this category of people." stated Dr. Marija Gnjatovic from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine.

'V.Babes' mobile ICU ventilators entered failure mode, company's service representative refused to enter unit

The ventilators of the mobile Intensive Care Unit located on the grounds of the 'Victor Babes' Bucharest Hospital stopped working due to the rise of the oxygen pressure above the allowed limit; a technical investigation is underway into the causes of the failure, the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) announced on Monday evening, following the death of three Covid patients at the respect