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More than 1,000 Bulgarians are Waiting for a Transplant

Tomorrow, October 9, we celebrate the European Day of Organ Donation and Transplantation.

This year, the motto of the European Day of Organ Donation and Transplantation is "Just say yes!". Let people know that you support donation! ", With the aim of getting more citizens informed about the meaning and significance of donation and transplantation.

Bulgarian Health Inspector: Only 0.77% of the Dead from COVID-19 in Bulgaria were Vaccinated

"In epidemiology, things cannot and should not be considered on a daily basis. At a 4-month period, the percentage of deaths from the coronavirus vaccine was 0.77%. That's 1 in 160 people. " Such an opinion was expressed by the Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kunchev in the studio of "Hello, Bulgaria".