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"Sputnik V": We have no doubt

CEO of Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) that made "Sputnik V", Kirill Dmitriev, stated that he believes that representatives of the WHO will visit Russia soon, in October. "We have no doubt that the WHO will approve the vaccine," Dmitriev said at the Bloomberg Invest Global conference.

European Commission: For Now There is No Expiration Date for COVID-19 Certificates

EU legislation does not foresee checking the validity of certificates issued to fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This was stated today by a spokesman for the European Commission on the occasion of the decision of several EU countries to switch to an additional dose of vaccine.

AstraZeneca Wants Permission to Use COVID-19 Drug in the US

The British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has requested an extraordinary permit for the use in the United States of its latest drug, which prevents COVID-19 disease. The drug, currently called AZD7442, is intended for people with weak immune systems, which would make vaccination ineffective.

AstraZeneca Seeks Permission for New Covid-19 Cure

The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced it was seeking authorization for usage in US of a medicine related to the treatment from coronavirus infection. The medicine is aimed to prevent Covid-19 for people who respond poorly or do not respond at all to vaccines because of a weakened immune system, Reuters reported.