Closed-circuit television

Robbers steal safe with thousands of euros from doctor’s practice in Preveza

Robbers broke into a doctor's practice in the western city of Preveza late Wednesday and removed a safe with more than 200,000 euros, police sources said Thursday.

The attackers entered from the main entrance and fled, the sources said, adding that authorities are checking CCTV footage for clues over the identify of the suspects.

Police probing exchange of fire in Athens district

Authorities were investigating on Tuesday a shooting incident at a parking lot in Athens' western Haidari district shortly after midnight.

According to private television channel Skai, police believe two groups of unknown individuals started shooting at each other at the corner of Iera Odos and Kanari Streets.

Burglars break into Ecumenical Patriarch's house in Istanbul

Three masked individuals broke into the house of Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos in Istanbul on Saturday evening, according to a report in a newspaer of the Greek diaspora.

Vartholomeos was attending a social gathering and the housekeeper was the only person in the premises, Anatoli reported.

CCTV cameras must be off when schools are open, says independent body

Greece's data protection authority (HDPA) ruled on Monday that the operation of cameras and video recording surveillance systems is not allowed in schools when students are there.
HDPA said that when schools are closed, the relevant municipal authorities are responsible for the processing of any recorded data.

GDBOP: We Know Who Commissioned the TAD Group Attack against the NRA

The task of the hacking attack against the National Revenue Agency of the Tad Group comes from the outside, and we have information from which person it comes from, Chief Commissioner Ivaylo Spiridonov Director General of the Fight Against Organized Crime (GDBOP) told BTV .

ATM torched in Zografou

Unknown assailants set fire to an ATM in the east Athens suburb of Zografou in the early hours of Tuesday, reports said.
The vandals reportedly destroyed the CCTV cameras monitoring the site before torching the cash machine.
Police are investigating.

The Monument of the Soviet Army in Vienna under Surveillance Because of Vandalism

After repeated acts of vandalism against the monument of the Soviet Army, located in the center of the Austrian capital, the Vienna police installed cameras for constant video surveillance.

"In recent weeks, the monument has been scratched again by night, by unknown people," police spokesman Paul Aidenberger told the press.

Mapping crime scenes to solve disputed cases

A video by Forensic Architecture pertaining to the events on September 18, 2013, when rapper Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death in the street by a self-proclaimed Golden Dawn supporter in the Keratsini district of Piraeus, constitutes one of the most damning pieces of evidence in the ongoing trial against the neo-Nazi party, whose leadership is accused of ordering that attack, as well as others