Facebook to Help People with their Outfits

Facebook is developing artificial intelligence technology that will help consumers to choose their clothes and styling. The project is called Fashion ++. It is designed to analyze photos to select the most appropriate look for the user. IT will pay attention to detail: it will advise you to roll up your sleeves, change your décolletage, choose a different colour range.

OCHIS COFFEE - The First Sunglasses Made Out of Coffee Waste

Sunglasses of coffee waste. The accessory, which also smells of the refreshing drink, is offered by a Ukrainian company, BTA reported.

Driven by the ambition to create eco-friendly yet fashionable sunglasses, company director Maksym Havrylenko experimented with different products - mint, parsley and cardamom, before finding the right natural material in coffee waste.

"Haradinaj's connections should not be underestimated"

Alim Hamza, who is under the surveillance of German authorities for his Islam extremist standpoints, was among delegates, while the expert for security issues Irfan Peci considers that the danger of Haradinaj's contacts with Salafi movement with the goal of establishing "Greater Albania" should not be underestimated.