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Workathlon webinar to be held on Thursday

Workathlon is holding a firechat webinar on Thursday on the major challenge the new health protocols are creating for the hotel market.
The event, starting at 3 p.m., will feature a panel of experienced professionals in the sector who are responsible for the adherence to health protocols in hotels.
The webinar will be screened live on Workathlon's Facebook page.

The Russian Federal Security Service is Taking Action Against Telegram Messenger

The Russian Federal Security Service compiled a protocol against Telegram because of the refusal of the messenger to give access to user messages. This writes in its electronic edition, "Dojd" television, quoting a message from the founder of Telegram.

Saved by stickers? A first-person account of the Ankara attack

As I began to register the cause of the explosion and the plumes of smoke, I braced for another explosion amid the fleeing crowdThere was a time when one wondered, "Are the police going to fire tear gas?" before heading to a rally.

Evidently, that's so 2013: In the much-heralded "New Turkey" it's better to ask: "Are they going to bomb it?"