Communist Party of China

Xi Jinping was Re-Elected as President of China for a Third 5-Year Term

China's parliament unanimously re-elected Xi Jinping as president for an unprecedented third five-year term.

2,952 people participated in the voting of the 14th National People's Congress of People's Representatives. The Associated Press commented that the 69-year-old Xi is on course to remain in power for life.

Maximum Xi

Xi Jinping emerged from October's 20th Party Congress with tighter control over the ruling Communist Party - and, therefore, over China - than any leader since Mao Zedong.

How Xi Jinping plans to tighten his grip at historic Chinese Communist Party Congress

President Xi Jinping's expected reappointment for a third five-year term as head of the Chinese Communist Party and the military is set to be a watershed moment in China's modern history. As with Deng Xiaoping's launch of economic reforms in 1979 and his decision a decade later to crush pro-democracy protests with force, it will — for better or worse — radically alter the country's course.

China censors rare anti-Xi protest ahead of Communist Party congress

China's internet censors removed on Oct. 13 virtually all references to reports of a rare protest in Beijing that involved banners denouncing President Xi Jinping and the country's Covid policies.

Beijing is on high alert against any disruption to a landmark Communist Party meeting that begins on Sunday, where Xi is expected to secure a historic third term.