Community organizing

Protesters Dyed the Iconic Wall Street Charging Bull in New York

Protesting eco-activists poured the iconic Wall Street charging bull in New York with fake blood. The protest was initiated by the "Extinction Rebellion" movement.

On Monday, there were protests in many cities around the world. Activists want to put pressure on governments to take more serious action against climate change.

„Return street dialogue to institutions’’

Antonijevi is the director of the Foundation for Open Society, which organizes government and opposition talks on election conditions. So far, in three rounds, at the FPS roundtables, the authorities and the oppostion discussed about media and financing campaigns, and on the 5th and 9th of September there will be a voters' list and voting rights of citizens.

The Demonstrations in Hong Kong Gathered Together over 288,000 People

A mass demonstration in Hong Kong's suburb, Yen Long, gathered 288,000 people, according to organizers of the protest quoted by the TASS.

Earlier, police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators. Some radical actors were throwing bricks and other items into the police. According to reports, several people have been injured in the clashes. For detainees there is still no mention.

Seeking common ground

The Greek people expect their political leaders to display a mature attitude and provide solutions to their problems. 

The upcoming review of the Greek Constitution presents them with an opportunity to live up to those expectations. It is very important that the mainstream parties find a way to reach consensus on certain key issues. 

Media snub is no solution

When a political party decides to boycott a specific media outlet for whatever reason, it doesn't really achieve anything tangible.

Here in Greece, such practices were started by SYRIZA and other similar forces, but media boycotts happen all over the world, called for by all sorts of parties when they don't like what they see or hear on the news or on political talk shows.