The ASF Increased the Price of Pork by BGN 3 per Kilogram

About 3 BGN is the difference in the price of pork compared to last year. The main reason for this is the swine fever. This was stated by the Chairman of the State Agency of Goods Exchange and Market-Places Vladimir Ivanov for BNT.

He explained that the appreciation started on August 5. In his words, previously, the levels were from BGN 9, now the cost of a boneless neck is BGN 12.

BNR Governor Isarescu: Economy has grown the fastest after 2000

Romania's economy has grown the fastest after 2000, but we have a tendency to press hard on the accelerator, not to be cautious and there is a slippage that means divergence, Mugur Isarescu, the governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) told a Monday's specialist conference. "We are now, at the end of the year, in the ninth year of economic growth.

Editorial: The markets show the way

The positive signals from financial markets after New Democracy's major victory in the 26 May European Parliament election presage the stance of investors toward the Greek economy after the upcoming general election.

The SYRIZA government clearly did not have the will, knowledge, and experience to manage the great challenges with which it was confronted.

Can we Turn Corporate Culture into Competitive Advantage?

Let's take an example from the very competitive IT industry, where only a handful of companies stand out. One of them, Centiro, is repeatedly recognized as a Great Place to Work in Sweden in specific and Europe in general. Centiro is a logistic software firm from Borås who are transforming the world of technology.

EC: Romania is confronted with increased risks-current account deficit deteriorates, increase of unit labour costs

Romania is confronted with increased risks in the form of the current account deficit deteriorating and the increase of unit labor costs, and the recent government decisions have increased the risks in the financial sector and they could negatively affect private investment, the European Commission shows in the Country Report Romania published on Wednesday. Badalau:We are trying to analyse the single market, find solutions for its development

AGERPRES special correspondent Loredana Ciobanu reports: The Competitiveness Council, which is taking place on Monday in Brussels will tackle aspects related to the single market, in view of finding solutions for its development, Economy Minister Niculae Badalau said.