Computational neuroscience

Tapping into excellence

The rest of the world is moving at light speed in the sector of artificial intelligence (AI) and new technologies.

Greece has great scientists, who usually need to go abroad to excel. Some are carrying out important research at local institutions, making them one of the few pockets of excellence to have survived in the country.

A brave new world

But there is still no need to fear for John Connor. "Terminator stories or real possibilities of them ever happening are at least several hundred years in the future," according to Jamshid Alamuti, co-founder of Pi School, where creativity and technology meet. He believes that people tend to think of AI development happening faster than it really is.

24 EU Countries Sign Artificial Intelligence Pact in Bid to Compete with US & China

Twenty-four EU countries pledged to band together to form a "European approach" to artificial intelligence in a bid to compete with American and Asian tech giants.

Ministers signed a declaration on Tuesday (10 April) saying they will consider putting public research funding into AI, but did not promise a specific amount of dedicated new investments.

Artificial intelligence is not a substitute for common sense

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has entered the mainstream business domain. According to research conducted by BCG and the MIT Sloan Management Review, AI will have a major impact, in all industries, within the next five years. What companies / industries will AI initially impact?