‘This Was Real’: Bosnia Exhibition Looks at Wartime Loss of Liberty

Twenty-five years after the end of the Bosnian war, an exhibition opened this month which the US photographer Ron Haviv hopes will help inform a new generation of Bosnians about what went on at the close of the 20th century and combat attempts to "rewrite history".

Green growth

Protests demanding government action on climate change which took place in some 150 capitals around the world including Athens on Friday were a welcome development.

European Legal Experts Back Montenegro Religious Freedom Law

The Venice Commission, a Council of Europe advisory body made up of independent constitutional law experts, said on Monday that the draft religious freedom law was a step forward, but urged the Montenegrin government to organise consultations with the public, including representatives of religious communities, amid tensions with the Serbian Orthodox Church.

A fairer process

After two European Parliament elections - in 2014 and last Sunday - we can now say with certainty that the system of choosing a name from a huge list of candidates from all sorts of parties and from different walks of life favors the reproduction of the same old names, reducing the choice to recognizability.

Human Rights Commission chief resigns, blasts government

The president of Greece's National Commission for Human Rights (GNCHR), Yorgos Stavropoulos, has submitted a bombshell resignation letter in which he lambastes the government for downgrading the Commission's role and also packing it with five representatives of the LGBTQ community and two members of Roma community in violation of its rules.

Facebook under fire over 'creepy' secret study

Facebook secretly manipulated the feelings of 700,000 users to understand "emotional contagion" in a study that prompted anger and forced the social network giant on the defensive.
For one week in 2012, Facebook tampered with the algorithm used to place posts into users' news feeds to study how this affected their mood, all without their explicit consent or knowledge.