Confederation of Labour Podkrepa

Temenuzhka Petkova: Bulgaria will Continue to Rely on its Coal Plants

Bulgaria does not give up its coal plants, Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova said on February 24 after a meeting with the trade unions, which discussed the conditions under which the country would accept the so-called "Green Deal" of the European Commission for a carbon-free economy.

Increase in the Salaries of the Drivers in the Public Transport in Sofia with 30%

Yordanka Fandakova will propose to the Sofia City Council to adopt an agreement for lifting the salaries of the drivers in the public transport with 10% for three consecutive years, The Mayor's proposal is after a meeting today with the leaders of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions and the Confederation of Labour ''Podkrepa''.

Sofia Hosts a Trade Union Meeting of European Capitals

The President of the Confederation of Labour ''Podkrepa'' Dimitar Manolov will open the 18th annual conference of the Trade Union Network of the European capitals.

They will discuss the opportunities for transport and mobility on the Old Continent.

More than 30 organizations from 12 European cities will join the event.

Transport Unions in Bulgaria Come Up with Proposals For the Metropolitan Public Transport

The union of trade unions with CITUB will come up with proposals for reorganization of the work in the public transport in Sofia, reported the BNT. 

The main problems in the sector are working time, overtime, pay in companies, and staff shortages.

Tobacco Factory in Blagoevgrad Stopped Working Leaving 200 People Without Jobs

Bulgartabac factory in Blagoevgrad stops working, but there is still no clear position on whether it is temporary or not. From more than 2,000 employees years ago, currently the factory employs about 200 people. A few days ago they were told that they had to submit notices of termination on the grounds that there was not enough work, reports BNT. 

The Average Wage in Bulgaria should Increase by between 12 and 15% in 2019

The average wage in Bulgaria should increase by between 12 and 15% in 2019. This expectation was made by the leaders of Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria and Confederation of Labour Podkrepa during a meeting with the business and the government, reports Darik. 

BGN 920 will be the Starting Teacher Salary in Bulgaria Next Year

920 leva will be the starting salary for teachers in Bulgaria from 1 January next year. This is written in the collective agreement between the Minister of Education and Trade Unions, reported the Trade Union Syndicate to Podkrepa Labor Union, quoted by the Bulgarian National Radio.