Hungary and Poland are Against the EU's Plan to Reduce Gas Consumption

Hungary and Poland voted against the EU's plan to voluntarily reduce gas consumption by 15% compared to the five-year average for the period from 1 August 2022 to 31 March 2023.

According to EU information, the mentioned countries are the only ones opposed to the initiative.


"When it comes to the future of the EU, we are obviously looking for solutions that imply a repetition of history", believes diplomat and analyst of international relations Zoran Milivojevic. According to him, the statements of the President of the European Commission should be interpreted in that key. Ukraine's membership in the EU - on the front line towards Russia.

Bulgaria at the Bottom of the European Sovereignty Index, with Gaps in the Economy, Defense and Technology

According to the new instrument of the ECFR - the European Sovereignty Index, Bulgaria is among the weakest links in the concept of European sovereignty, with significant gaps in the economy, defense and technology.