Confidence tricks

Money Laundering Crime Ring Busted in Plovdiv, Sothern Bulgaria

The Plovdiv District Prosecution Office has broken a criminal operation for money laundering related to computer fraud (phishing) outside Bulgaria. This emerged at a news conference in Plovdiv on Monday given by District Prosecutor Roumen Popov, anti-organized crime unit chief Dimiter Alexandrov and supervising prosecutor Peter Petrov.

Incidents of Social Media Scams Are Snowballing – European Commission

European consumers are increasingly the victims of misleading advertising and social media scams. Through an advertisement, appealing things are offered for an irresistible price. After payment, the order is not delivered, consumers receive products that do not match the advertisement or are stuck with an unwanted subscription. 

Bulgaria: New Internet Scam, Fraudsters Collect Personal Data Offering Lucrative Jobs

Scammers collect personal data through fake job advertisements. On behalf of established employers, they offer attractive employment terms, and supposedly "approved" applicants are required to take a photo of an ID card and even send in a selfie with the ID document in hand.