Conservatism in the United Kingdom

Study: Boris Johnson to Win Early Elections

Early parliamentary elections in the UK will be won by the ruling Conservative Party of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to a study on the circulation tabloid Daily Mail, quoted by Reuters.

Conservatives have the support of 34% of Britons. Jeremy Corbyn's Labor Party is 8 points behind with the support of 26 percent of the voters.

Rethinking Referendums: Can Direct Democracy Defeat Populism?

Since then, there have been calls to re-empower the "gatekeepers", which is a polite way of saying that the unwashed masses should be kept as far away from political decision-making as possible.

Yet this liberal impulse reflects a misreading of recent history: it was elites, not the masses, who enabled Brexit and Trump.

Former Leader Nigel Farage Leaves UKIP, Believes it Becomes Open to Extremists and Racists

Nigel Farage has quit UKIP, saying the party's leader Gerard Batten seems to be obsessed with Islam and ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, reports BBC. 

Speaking on LBC radio, the former leader of the Eurosceptic party said he made the decision with a "heavy heart".

Maljkovic urges severe penalties for hooligans

BELGRADE - Hooligans are a major problem for Serbian society and the only way to deal with it is to impose severe penalties for offenders according to the principle once introduced by former British PM Margaret Thatcher, Olympic Committee of Serbia President Bozidar Maljkovic said at the "Fair Play, Fair Life" conference Wednesday.

Gay Marriage Discord Splits Romanian Party

Romania's third force, a year-old anti-corruption party called the Save Romania Union, is facing a leadership vacuum after an internal referendum over whether it should take a clear stance and vote against changing the constitution to include the conservative definition of family, as a union between a man and a woman.