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At the request of N1, REM banned the SNS election video

It is a video in which the leader of the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vucic, and a six-year-old girl appear.
According to the "Informer", the decision was made with five votes "for" and four votes against it.
With this decision, REM ordered that the broadcasting of the "disputed" SNS video be stopped within 24 hours.

SNS Video released: For Our Children VIDEO

"For love, for success, for family, for knowledge. For our children, Aleksandar Vucic," those are the messages that are being sent in the video.
The decision on the name of the electoral roll under which the progressives will run in the April elections in Serbia was made at a meeting of the SNS election headquarters, held on Monday evening, as previously reported by the media.

Polish Isolation: Macron’s Travels in Lilliput

Immediately following Macron's visit, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed a "muzzle" law that empowers the government to punish judges for acting independently.

Duda then added insult to injury by hosting the president of North Macedonia, a country that has its own dispute with France following Macron's decision to block its EU accession bid.

Hungarian PM Orban is Seeking Allies to Organize a "Counter-Revolution" in Europe

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says he is seeking allies for a conservative "counter-revolution" in Europe, DPA reported.

Orban gave a speech at a forum of conservatives and nationalists in Rome. He said he had spoken with Spanish far-right opposition leader Santiago Abascal and other supporters from Italy and France.