Conservative parties

Asymmetric conflict

The political dispute between the government and the official opposition is shaping up as a clash between action and identity, between management and accusations, between reality and fairy tales. Common to both sides are their cynicism and the hyperbole with which they attack each other.

Democracy Digest: Huge Military Layoffs in Hungary Spark Talk Of a ‘Purge’

A major scandal rocked opposition parties as it was confirmed that former PM candidate Peter Marki-Zay's Movement for Hungary and some opposition-allied organisations received funds totalling 4 billion forints (10 million euros) from abroad before the April 2022 election.

Opposition motion on parental protection voted down

Ljubljana – The National Assembly rejected the opposition-sponsored changes to the parental protection and family benefits act with which the Democrats (SDS) wanted to introduce a universal child benefit that would not be means tested. The government thinks this would deepen social inequalities.

Education in Hungary and Poland: Crisis in the Classroom

"The poor state of the Polish education system is the effect of actions by all governments in power since 1989," Martynowicz tells BIRN.

"But my decision to leave the state system is caused to a large extent by what happened in the [seven] years since [Law and Justice] PiS came to power," he says.

Protests as Hungary Raises Taxes on Small Businesses

It took only 24 hours for the Hungarian government to pass a bill that makes a simplified tax regime ineligible for hundreds of thousands of people.

The Small Taxpayers' Itemised Tax, KATA, was the most popular choice for almost 400,000 small businesses and self-employed, due to its simple administration and low tax rate.

Parliament launches inquiry into financing of “party propaganda in media”

Ljubljana – The National Assembly launched on Thursday a parliamentary inquiry into suspicions of illegal financing of “party political propaganda in the media with funds of state-owned companies, state institutions or foreign institutions or entities” targeting media owned by or linked with the SDS.

SDS speak of unfair campaign, wait for official results

Ljubljana – With exit polls for Sunday’s general election showing the ruling Democrats (SDS) receiving 22.5% of the vote to trail the newly-formed Freedom Movement, the first reactions from the SDS mainly refer to what it perceives as an unfair game in terms of media coverage of the campaign. The party will wait for official results to comment further.