Constantine the Great

Culture minister: Former royal palace at Tatoi to open to public by 2025

The former royal palace at Tatoi will be open to the public by 2025, Culture Minister Lina Mendoni has said, a day after former king Constantine II was buried alongside his ancestors at the former royal estate.

"Citizens will have access to the old palaces by 2025," she said, in an interview with private broadcaster Real FM radio.

The king who didn’t know how he lost the throne

The first time I ever spoke with former king Constantine was shortly after the publication of my book "The Rape of Greek Democracy: The American Factor" in 1997. The phone rang and I heard a deep voice say: "Good evening. This is the king." It took me a moment to realize who it was exactly, but that call was the first of many conversations about history over the course of many years to come.

Ex-king’s funeral service to take place in Athens at noon on Monday

The funeral service for Greece's former King Constantine will be held at 12 noon on Monday at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens while his body will lie in the adjacent chapel of Agios Eleftherios from 6. a.m. to 10 a.m and will be open to members of the public to pay their respects.

The body of the former King will then be transferred to the royal tombs in Tatoi.

History in perspective

The Greek Republic is mature enough to be able to deal with and talk about its history and the protagonists of that history without insecurity and without passions becoming excessively inflamed.

The death of the former king Constantine II is an opportunity to assess his reign and its aftermath from a cool and calm perspective, without insulting anyone or overly praising anyone. 

Constantine II: School, military training and athletic achievements

Constantine attended the elite Anavryta Classical Lyceum, Greece's first Western-style, boys-only boarding school, which was founded in 1940 and re-established for the 1949-50 academic year with the express purpose of ensuring that the heir to the Greek throne received a "proper" education.