Constantine the Great

Byzantium inspires Greek board game

Inspired by the popular board game Monopoly, Greek designers created Constantinopoly, where players buy plots in Constantinople using Byzantine and Ottoman coins to build the city's famous monuments, while historical events such as the city's fall in 1453 influence the development of the game. The board game aims to spread knowledge of Greek culture and history in an innovative way.

The First Ancient Festival will be Held in Sofia on September 21-22, 2019

The first Ancient Festival "Serdica is my Rome" will be held in Sofia on September 21-22, 2019.

The aim is to promote the ancient heritage of the city. The residents and guests of the capital will witness a rich program that will familiarize them with the early history of Serdica in the time around the reign of Emperor Constantine.

St. Helen Holy relics to be on display in Greece for the first time (photos)

The Holy relics of St. Helen, mother of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, will be displayed for the first time in Greece. Along with a section of the Holy Cross, the relics will be exhibited for pilgrimage in the Church of Agia Varvara (St Barbara) in Egaleo suburb of western Athens/Piraeus until June 15th 2017. Pilgrimage will be possible from the morning until 11 p.m. at night.

Greek police examining weapons found at captured extremist's hideout

Investigators found a cache of weapons at the hideout of captured left-wing extremist Pola Roupa, officials said Sunday.

Police said they uncovered two assault rifles, two pistols and four grenades as well as bullets. They also found a significant amount of cash and impounded a car Roupa bought in December 2016.

Who will buy former King Constantine II’s London Mansion? (pics)

The former mansion of exiled King Constantine II of Greece at Linnel Drive, Hampstead Garden Suburb, has been put on the market. Located just around the corner from Bishops Avenue, otherwise known as Billionaires Avenue due to hugely wealthy residents, it features a master bedroom with dressing room, en suite bathroom and balcony as well as 12 other bedrooms, large garden and swimming pool.

Bulgarian Archaeologists 'Looking for Constantine the Great Statue'

A team of Bulgarian archaeologists is pinning its hopes on discovering a host of Roman-era artifacts as excavations are underway under the St Nedelya Square in downtown Sofia.

Those include a statue of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (306-337 AD), a massive Roman building, and some inscriptions.