‘Istanbul’s Bosphorus under risk due to global climate change’

With the possibility that the sea level in Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait might rise by 3 to 5 meters, there are fears that buildings along the strait's shore might submerge if the temperature increases by 3 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, according to a parliamentary report.

Hagia Sophia imam resigns

The imam at Istanbul's iconic Hagia Sophia mosque announced on April 8 he is stepping down from his duties to return to academic studies.

Mehmet Boynukalın, whose assignment at the nearly 1,500-year-old Hagia Sophia was temporary, asked to leave the post, and his request was accepted.

1,700-year-old ‘Little Hagia Sophia’ enchants visitors

Turkey's Little Hagia Sophia, a church which was converted into a mosque, received thousands of tourists every year prior to the pandemic.

The architectural marvel situated in the Güzelyurt district of central Aksaray province was built by Roman Emperor Theodosius I for Saint Gregorius Theologos in 385 CE.

Limited fans to be allowed in Turkey vs Latvia game

Turkey's World Cup qualifiers match against Latvia in Istanbul will be played with 15% fans in the stadium, the Turkish Football Federation announced March 28.

All health protocols determined by UEFA and Turkish authorities will be followed with fans requiring the country's coronavirus contact tracing HES code to enter the stadium, it added.