1,500-year-old underground passage discovered in Istanbul

A 1,500-year-old underground passage has come to light during the ongoing excavation works in the remains of Saint Polyeuktos Church in Istanbul's Saraçhane neighborhood, which witnessed destruction during the Latin invasion.

The teams from Istanbul Municipality's Cultural Heritage Department on June 8 last year initiated excavation works in the area where the church lies.

Istanbul’s narrow streets cause concern for emergency situations

As Istanbul has more than 9,000 narrow streets that fire brigades or other rescue vehicles cannot even enter, this problem creates a serious concern in the city where a large-scale quake is expected.

Since the Feb. 6 earthquakes claimed lives of more than 50,000 people and caused severe destruction in the country's south, the expected quake in Istanbul has come to the agenda.

1,900-year-old statue discovered in Istanbul

Teams from Istanbul Municipality have discovered a statue from the Roman period, estimated to be 1,900 years old, in the area of the Saint Polyeuktos Church in Saraçhane that was destroyed during the Latin occupation.

The teams from Istanbul Municipality's Cultural Heritage Department initiated an excavation work in the area where the church was destroyed on June 8 last year.

Driest summer to come, Türkiye on the verge of water crisis

Türkiye is experiencing the driest winter in 22 years and a water crisis is looming in the summer, according to experts.

Even though March 22 is known as World Water Day, many parts of Türkiye are experiencing extraordinary drought. With the decrease in winter precipitation, dams have started to dry up.

Casting lots for housing project in Istanbul begins

Within the scope of the İlk Evim (My First Home) Project, the first drawing of lots for Istanbul's Tuzla district took place on March 16, with owners of 20,920 new houses determined already.

The draw was held at Tuzla Viaport Marina in the municipality's event tent at 10 a.m. and was broadcast live online.