Constitution of Kosovo

In its pursuit of Telekom Serbia, Pristina violates all principles of the rule of law

Kosovo authorities claim that the company Telekom Serbia violated the law, which was not even in force during the period to which these claims relate. Moreover, as insiders familiar with this case point out, Pristina is disclosing information to the public that falls within the realm of business secrets.

"He is dangerous, he should be removed; we bombed the so-called Kosovo..."

As reported by Kosovo Online, he must be removed from power, because otherwise he will cause immeasurable damage to the so-called Kosovo, writes the newspaper Tema.
He stated that his biggest concern is the re-establishment of "free Kosovo" with the help of the USA and the West, and he called the help of NATO troops in achieving that aspiration "blessed".

"We sent the Serbian state a message - we can still bomb you"

Military analyst and senior adviser to former US President Donald Trump, retired colonel Douglas McGregor, believes that a wrong status quo has been created in Kosovo.
Such a status, he believes, cannot be maintained without the presence of foreign military forces, the Kosovo online writing of Serbian Radio Chicago reports.

Albanian post: Document leaked; These are eight steps to calm tensions on KiM PHOTO

The document "De-escalation in four northern municipalities - a step by step scenario" was published immediately after French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, requested the urgent holding of new elections in four municipalities in the north of Kosovo.

EU Plan Puts Kosovo In ‘Better Strategic Position Than Serbia’ – Foreign Advisor

Marc Weller, an adviser to the Kosovo negotiation team in the dialogue with Serbia since the historic Rambouillet accords in 1999, told BIRN the recently published draft agreement between the two countries for the first time puts Kosovo in a better strategic position than Serbia - which must make constitutional changes if the agreement is signed.

A Serb Association in Kosovo Would Threaten Integration and Peace

In the meantime, however, Kosovars have had to learn that this is more like the famous carrot in front of the donkey's mouth. Confidence in improvement and belief in EU support in the integration process have suffered greatly in recent years since little has changed for Kosovo in the international arena.