Constitutional amendment

Amendments tabled to help foreign students

Ljubljana – A group of 40 MPs led by the Left has tabled legislation revoking the requirement that foreign students must provide upfront proof of sufficient funding for their entire stay in Slovenia, which was enacted in May and has reportedly led to many students being unable to get temporary residency permits.

Montenegro President Clashes With Govt Over Prosecution Law Changes

Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic on the press conference in Cetinje, Montenegro. Photo: President of Montenegro

"I will return the prosecution laws to a new vote in parliament because they are against the constitution. Fundamental democratic principles and our partnership with the EU are being destroyed by these laws," Djukanovic told a press conference.

Bulgaria’s President Ready to Convene National Assembly, Government Formation in Limbo

President Rumen Radev will convene the National Assembly in accordance with the term laid down in the Constitution and after the Central Election Commission (CEC) has published the names of the elected Members of the National Assembly in the State Gazette. This was reported by the press office of the head of state, quoted by Focus.