Constitutional Court of Slovenia

Constitutional Court stays provision restricting travel to red-listed countries

Ljubljana – The Constitutional Court has stayed a provision of a government decree which restricts travel to countries on Slovenia’s red list of high-risk countries due to Covid-19, pending its final decision.

In a decision published in the Official Gazette on Thursday, the court invoked its right to stay legislation to prevent the occurrence of irreparable damage.

ECHR admits application against Slovenia over judicial recusal

Ljubljana – The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has admitted an application against Slovenia over an alleged violation of the right to a fair hearing. The case concerns Constitutional Court judge Rok Čeferin’s failure to exclude himself from a case, the STA has learnt from the State Attorney’s Office.

Pahor tests support for candidates for C-bank, top court

Ljubljana – After consulting heads of parliamentary factions, President Borut Pahor has narrowed down the list of candidates for consideration to put forward to the National Assembly in a renewed attempt to fill a vacancy on the governing board of the central bank and one on the Constitutional Court.

Knez warns against overworked Constitutional Court as this would weaken it

On the occasion of Constitution Day, Constitutional Court president Rajko Knez has told the STA in an interview that the country’s top court has also been affected by the Covid-19 epidemic in terms of caseload. He warned against the overburdening of the Constitutional Court with additional tasks in general as this may weaken the institution.

Moldovan Constitutional Court Backs President's Suspension

Moldova's Constitutional Court said in its decision on Tuesday  there are "circumstances justifying the initiation by the Parliament of the procedure of suspension of the president", opening the door for the suspension of Dodon.

The Constitutional Court deemed that his failure to approve the appointment of a new defence minister meant he had fallen short of his constitutional duties.

What if someone you do not want is elected?

A former Turkish judge at the European Court of Human Rights, Rıza Türmen, wrote a piece titled "A 10-question guide to evaluate the constitution," for the news website, where he refers to a distinction German jurist Carl Schmitt has made between constitutions as "resilient to dictatorships and non-resilient to dictatorships." 

Albanian Court Dismisses Objections to Vetting Judges

Albania's Constitutional court on Thursday opened the way towards the vetting of around 800 judges and prosecutors in terms of their professional ability, moral integrity, and level of independence from organised crime, corruption, and political officials after dismissing objections to the new "vetting law'.