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Tensions run high as protesters fill Ljubljana streets

Ljubljana – Tensions were running high in Ljubljana as opponents of Covid-19 restrictions took to the stress for the fifth consecutive week, disrupting traffic. A police water cannon was at the ready as the police were trying to disperse the crowd blocking a major crossroads in the centre of Ljubljana.

Turkey out of patience for attacks from N Syria: Erdoğan

The Turkish president on Oct. 11 said his country has run out of patience after the latest deadly attack on its police force in northern Syria and harassment targeting his country's territories.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's comments came at a news conference following a Cabinet meeting at the Presidential Complex in the capital Ankara.

Turkey condemns 'heinous' terrorist attack in Yemen

Turkey on Oct. 10 denounced a "heinous" terrorist attack in southern Yemen that left six killed.

In a statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed its sadness at the deaths and injuries caused by the attack carried out with a bomb-laden vehicle in the convoy of Aden Governor Ahmed Hamed Lamlas in the province earlier on Sunday.

Turkish security forces seize PKK's ammunition cache

Turkish security forces seized weapons, explosives and ammunition in an operation against the PKK terrorist organization, local authorities said on Oct. 6. 

The ammunition cache was seized Tuesday by the local gendarmerie forces and soldiers in the countryside of the southeastern Hakkari province, said a statement by the governor's office.

Protesters flock to Republic Square, then disperse around Ljubljana

Ljubljana – Opponents of the government anti-coronavirus measures gathered on Tuesday in Republic Square in front of the parliament building, which the police protected and cordoned off after a similar protest turned violent last week. The police used a water cannon and tear gas and the crowd dispersed around the centre of Ljubljana, continuing to protest.