Contemporary history

Number of critically ill virus patients drops in Turkey

Turkey has seen a significant drop in the number of critically ill COVID-19 patients.

The number of COVID-19 patients in critical condition in the country dropped to below 2,000 for the first time in three months thanks to strict coronavirus measures in place since Dec.1, 2020, according to country's Health Ministry.

200 Days of Protests in Bulgaria

A protest in front of the Council of Ministers marked the 200th day since the beginning of the protests for resignation of the Government and the Chief Prosecutor Geshev. The anniversary protest was organized by the "System Kills Us" movement. The protest began with the largo Square demanding the resignation of the prime minister.

Czech Republic extends state of emergency; France introduces mandatory PCR test

According to the website worldometers, so far 98.010.507 people have been infected with coronavirus in the world, 70.402.587 are considered cured, and 2.097.279 people have died as a result of this infection.
Currently, 25.510.641 cases are active, but only 111.745 of them, or 0.4 percent, are in a serious or critical condition.