Saharan Dust In The Air

According to data from the Greek meteorological office for several days the atmosphere over Bulgaria is saturated with dust from the deserts of North Africa, Nova TV reported. The cloud of fine sand covered Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and other Balkan countries.

Taiwan First in Asia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriages

The Taiwan Parliament has legalized same-sex marriages today, the French press reported, quoted by NOVA TV. 

This is the first such case in Asia. Parliament legalized same-sex marriages for two years after the Taiwan Constitutional Court ruled in May 2017 that they did not contradict the Taiwanese constitution.

Bulgarians are the First Explorers of the Bottom Ecosystems in Antarctica

The first project, dedicated to marine biology and definition of the species composition of the bottom ecosystems in Antarctica, is by the Bulgarian scientists, said in the city of Varna the hydrobiologist Prof. Lubomir Kenderov of the Sofia University, who was among the rapporteurs of the national anniversary forum of the Bulgarian Underwater Association.