Trump’s Middle East plan enshrines the status quo

The United States doesn't need the Middle East the way it used to. As American energy production surges, the US has begun to disengage from the region (see Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya). And without the need to keep the broader Middle East peace for the sake of its energy interests, the US now has the luxury of choosing which battles it wants to wage.

The Number of Antarctic Penguins is Dramatically Decreasing

Climate warming leads to accelerated melting of ice around the south pole

The number of Antarctic penguins in western Antarctica has decreased by 77% since their last census. It was in the 70's of the 20th century. According to scientists studying climate change, the population of penguins is declining dramatically.

Weather Forecast: Sunny Before Noon, Clouds in the Afternoon

It will be mostly sunny today before noon. After midday, the clouds, mid- and high-level, will increase and thicken. Moderate south-southwest wind will blow, increasing to strong at times in the Western Pre-Balkans.

Maximum temperatures between 6C and 11C, higher in the western half of the Danubian Plain, in Sofia - about 9C.

The torn contract

Donald Trump's rejection of Nancy Pelosi's outstretched hand, followed by the speaker of the House of Representatives' ceremonial tearing up of a copy of his State of the Union speech, did not simply stress the end of any semblance of civility in American politics, nor was it just further proof of the rift between Republicans and Democrats.

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 2C and 7C

Today, variable cloudiness is forecast, more often considerable, with no precipitation for most of the day. The northwest wind will pick up, becoming moderate, in the Danubian Plain to strong at times. Daytime temperatures will rise, reaching highs between 2C and 7C. Later in the afternoon, from the northeast, moderate wind will start bringing cold air again.