Turkey's black community feels right at home

Turkey's little-known black community has been living in the Aegean province of Aydın for the past 200 years.

The people who identify themselves as Afro-Turks migrated from Sudan in search of work, mostly on plantations.

The killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, by a white American police officer, has shocked them like the rest of the world.

UN chief urges fast action to avoid 'global food emergency'

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for immediate action on June 9 to avoid a "global food emergency,'' saying more than 820 million people are hungry, some 144 million children under 5-years-old are stunted, and the COVID-19 pandemic is making things worse.

He said there is more than enough food to feed the world's 7.8 billion people but "our food systems are failing.''

Hundreds of Protesters in Sofia in Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Sofia this afternoon with Black lives matter posters, anti-racist messages and as part of a global series of protests over the assassination of George Floyd in the United States.  

The Bulgarian protest was attended by Bulgarians and foreigners, approximately equally, mostly with signs in English.

Ruling AKP mulls to introduce 5 percent threshold for alliance in elections

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) mulls to make changes in the elections law so that the political parties would only be able to form alliances at the polls if they have 5 percent support of the votes, a move which could prevent the small political parties to run for the elections and form group at the parliament under the support of their allies.

Vast Wildfires in Siberia - Trump Offers his Help to Putin

Donald Trump offered to help his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to put out vast wildfires raging across Siberia, the Kremlin has revealed.

The US and Russian presidents spoke by phone at Washington's initiative in a move Mr Putin took as a sign that damaged ties can be restored, the Kremlin said.

Turkey's virus aid recognized in US congressional record

The U.S. Congressional Record has recognized Turkey's two separate plane loads of coronavirus gear to help America combat the pandemic.  

"I rise to recognize the efforts of one of our allies to assist with our coronavirus response," said congressman Joe Wilson, co-chair of the Caucus on U.S.-Turkey Relations and Turkish Americans, in an issue on June 5.