‘Çanakkale is impassable’

A battle with only bayonets. Maybe 30 steps far away from the enemy. No rifles, no artillery, no proper arms. Only scarce sources and morale force and, of course, a great commander to make all this possible, Mustafa Kemal. These are what the Turkish army had when they fought against the victorious Allies in Çanakkale.

Sunny and Relatively Warm Today

Today, light, or moderate in eastern Bulgaria, winds from the northeast will bring a little colder air. Considerable cloudiness only in the eastern part of the country, otherwise broken clouds and no significant rainfall expected. Daytime temperatures will drop slightly and maximums will range mostly between 9C and 14C, in Sofia around 10C.

Weather Forecast: Significant Amounts of Rain in Northwestern Bulgaria

Today, before noon, it will rain throughout the country, with significant amounts expected in places in the northwest. In the evening the rain will gradually stop. A moderate to strong wind will blow from the west-northwest. Maximum temperatures will range from 5-7C in western Bulgaria to 11- 13C to the east.