Iohannis: I think it is right for the private, public systems to provide healthcare services together

President Klaus Iohannis supports a project released by the Ministry of Health that allows privately operated hospitals in Romania access to national healthcare programmes. "The government has to provide all healthcare services, but in Romania there is also a private system that operates up to good parameters.

Ambitious new project seeks to create first Greek archive of oral history

Though the most common method of capturing history today is writing it down, the oldest is undeniably retelling it. Long before the popularization of the study of history dawned at the turn of the 19th century, oral history was the only way for generations to pass on tales about wars and civilizations of the past - and often represented the only vehicle for cultural self-reflection.

Prosecutors, defense lay out arguments for Trump's impeachment

President Donald Trump's defense team and the prosecutors of his impeachment are laying out their arguments over whether his conduct toward Ukraine warrants his removal from office.

Trump's lawyers on Jan. 19 previewed their impeachment defense with the questionable assertion that the charges against him are invalid, adopting a position rejected by Democrats as "nonsense."

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 0C to 5C

It will be cloudy today before noon. In the afternoon, the clouds over western Bulgaria will disperse. There will be light northwest wind, in eastern Bulgaria - moderate north wind. Maximum temperatures mainly between 0C and 5C, in Sofia - about 2C. Atmospheric pressure is significantly higher than the monthly average and will continue to rise during the day.

Trump team, House managers trade sharp views on impeachment

President Donald Trump's legal team issued a fiery response on Jan. 18 ahead of opening arguments in his impeachment trial, while House Democrats laid out their case in forceful fashion, saying the president betrayed public trust with behavior that was the "worst nightmare" of the founding fathers.