Manhattan real estate market tactics

History is often written by those who don't follow the rules or, rather, by those who ostentatiously throw them onto the trash heap of history. Donald Trump is one of those people, whether we like it or not. In an era where political correctness and slick public relations are the norm in politics and beyond, Trump came along with his own unique style and turned everything on its head.

Dumped bikes, bicycles to be cleared from Athens sidewalks

As part of its bid to free up public space, the City of Athens is pressing forward with plans to remove more than 800 abandoned bicycles and motorbikes from the streets and sidewalks of the capital.

Some of the bikes have been recorded by the municipality's sanitation and recycling department, others by members of the municipal police and others still reported by citizens.

The US Senate to Provide $ 3.3 Billion in Annual Aid to Israel

Republicans and Democrats in the US Senate approved a bill to provide $ 3.3 billion in annual aid to Israel, Reuters reported.

In fact, with this piece of legislation passed by Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Chris Coons, the Memorandum of Understanding signed four years ago between Israel and the Barack Obama administration is gaining the force of law.

Pelosi: Trump impeachment articles to be sent 'soon'

U.S. President Donald Trump's articles of impeachment will likely be transmitted "soon" to the Senate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Jan. 9.

The top House Democrat did not offer a more concrete timeline but said only that she would do so "when I'm ready."

"And that will probably be soon," she told reporters at the Capitol.
"I'm not withholding them indefinitely."

Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny with a Rise in Daily Temperatures

It will be mostly sunny today, with scattered high clouds.

A light west wind will blow. The daily temperatures will rise, reaching maximums between 5C and 10C, in Sofia around 5C. Atmospheric pressure will drop during the day, but will remain higher than the average for the month.

This is the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) weather forecast.

Avalanche Killed Two People and Injured Three others in the United States

Two people were killed and three others were injured after being caught in an avalanche at a ski resort in Idaho.

Rescue operations continued throughout the day. According to local media, one of the dead was found under a three-meter layer of snow, according to BGNES.

The Smoke from the Fires in Australia Reached Chile and Argentina

Forecasters have detected particulate matter in the air in South America.

The smoke from the fires in Australia reached Chile and Argentina.

The presence of smoke should not cause any serious effects in the South American nation, since it rarely rains in that area.

Atmospheric currents carried fragments across the Pacific Ocean 12,000 kilometers from the raging fires.

Cyprus court hands suspended sentence to alleged gang rape victim

A court on Cyprus Tuesday handed a suspended sentence to a British teenager accused of faking a gang rape allegation in a case that has triggered protests from activists who claim she did not get a fair trial.
The 19-year-old claims that police coerced her to retract her claim that she was raped by a group of Israeli youths in the holiday resort of Ayia Napa in July.