"Frustrating" information for Ukraine. They won't like this

Four senior officials of the Ministry of Defense told this to the members of the Armed Forces Committee during a "confidential briefing".
This assessment will certainly frustrate Kyiv, which has reiterated on numerous occasions that the return of the peninsula is one of its main goals, "Politico" reports.

Time for the US to put more energy into solving the Cyprus problem

The UN Security Council just renewed the mandate for UNFICYP - the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus - for another year instead of for six months. The renewal comes amid controversy over the UN Secretary General's Special Representative in Cyprus, and is also occurring less than a week before the first round of presidential elections in Cyprus.

Caught on Camera: Croatia’s ‘Schengen’ Border with Serbia

A human stands little chance of passing undetected.

Pero Ruzolcic, head of the border police in Tovarnik, said the upgrade began well before Croatia joined the EU in mid-2013.

And far from a sign of teething troubles, long queues at the border in the days after Croatia joined the Schengen zone were much as expected during the festive season.

Cyprus to register red potato

Cyprus' Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment is about to register the red potato, the countrys second most important agricultural product, with the European Union for which an application for registration has been published in the republic's official gazette.

Sakellaropoulou: Greece committed to Cyprus peace deal in line with UN resolutions

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou has confirmed Greece's commitment in pursuing a fair and viable solution to the Cyprus problem in a meeting with the island's outgoing President Nicos Anastasiades at the Presidential Mansion Wednesday.