Contract law

Consumer Protection Expert: Communicate with e-Shops in Writing

Consumers are increasingly sensitive about their rights, Dimitar Margaritov, Chairman of the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC), told BNR. Consumer legislation in Bulgaria is good, however, in certain sectors it is catching up with real life, he commented, giving an example of claims for defective goods within the warranty period.

More market distortions

The government must do everything in its power to help prop up businesses that have been harmed by the coronavirus lockdown measures. However, it cannot continue to intervene to such an extent forever, altering the terms of contracts and agreements, as it did over the issue of rents.

No political excuses

If there is one excuse we could make for the young men and women gathering in the country's public squares for a bit of fun, it's their post-adolescent need to blow off some steam after spending weeks in lockdown.