Contract law

The Innovative SIMPL Long-Term Car Service with Full Assistance Launches in Bulgaria for the First Time

The innovative SIMPL service launches for the first time in Bulgaria. SIMPL provides a long-term car rental with full assistance by a personal assistant. The proposal is from Eurolease Group and will provide individuals and small businesses with as much convenience as possible.

The Repair of "Grafa" Street in Central Sofia Extended by 86 Days

With a minimum of 86 days will be extended the repair of "Graf Ignatiev", for which Sofia citizens have long time ago reconciled that there is no foreseeable end.

The term of the contract, which was concluded in May last year, is 300 days, the municipality explains in response to Sega's questions. This means street work had to end on March 4th.

Obligation to the people

Greece's former prime ministers have a duty to offer the public their opinion on issues facing the country, whether that be foreign policy or anything else of national significance.

The fact that they have personally handled such affairs in the past only adds extra weight to their perspective.