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Marianna Goulandri & Philippos Lemos were married in London (photos)

Last Sunday Marianna Goulandri, the lovely granddaughter of Marianna Vardinogianni, and shipping heir Philippos Lemos got married in an intimate gathering of family and friends.
The couple made the decision to get married last January, sealing their decision with a party in the Maldives, followed by their engagement in Spetses and another prenuptial celebration in Ibiza, Spain.

Fresh rules proposed for mortgages

The Finance Ministry will take steps to avert the creation of mortgage loan and household debt bubbles in the future. According to a bill it has prepared that incorporates a 2014 European Directive into Greek legislation, the ministry is setting rules for the proper and timely information of consumers who intend to take out a housing loan.

Kalogritsas attempts to win TV license with dubious tax statement

According to reports aired on Star TV and Alpha TV, Christos Kalogritsas, one of the businessmen who acquired a TV license in the recent tender lacks the necessary funds to pass the second phase of the process, which provides the down payment of one third of the total license cost.

Croatia Students Continue Resisting Faculty Merger

Members of Zagreb University's Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies, FFZG, still strongly oppose the faculty's plan to merge studies with the Catholic Theology Faculty, KBF.

Zrinka Breglec, a student at FFZG and a member of Plenum, the body gathering students and faculty staff, told BIRN that the faculty management "isn't giving up the deal".

Bulgarian Prosecution to Investigate Bribe Allegations in Sale of Fertiliser Plant

The Bulgarian prosecutor's office will investigate allegations of bribery in the attempted sale of the bankrupt Chimco Vratsa fertiliser plant.

Jan Aronov, president of US-based ANJ Group Corp, which was interested in acquiring the assets of the plant last year, claims that a bribe was requested and accepted by the assignee of the bankrupt factory.

Bulgarian Parliament Committee to Discuss Constitutional Changes on 3rd Reading

A committee with Bulgaria's Parliament are set to discuss on Monday amendments to the constitutions that will pave the way for judicial reform, amid tensions between parties in the ruling coalition.

Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov stepped down last week after MPs amended last week the reform proposals, ones he had submitted and declared his main priority.