"Fiat to stay in Serbia, and is prepping new model"

The model's working mark is "601," according to the paper.

The article added that Alfredo Leggero, head of manufacturing for EMEA region at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, has already arrived in Serbia, as has Silvia Vernetti, who is in charge of the plant in Kragujevac.

Meanwhile, a deal is expected to be reached with the Serbian partner on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Trade union, workers curious about Fiat's future in Serbia

As the Fiat Chrysler Group, like other large carmakers, does not have cars in stock but aligns the manufacturing process with the orders coming from dealerships - so the Kragujevac-based factory had 105 working days this year through the last weekend, producing over 43,000 vehicles of all versions of the Fiat 500L model.

Bulgarian Car Participated in the Exhibition in Geneva

Bulgaria will be presented at the 88th International Motor Show in Geneva by the Designer Rosen Daskalov who is from Russe.

His model is a racing and street version and can be personally designed by his future owner. The car can be both as a cabriolet and a fully-equipped, closed coupe with air conditioning.

Serbian Media Synchronise to Accuse Macedonia of Tapping Officials

...<a href=''>Cincopa Online Video Platform</a> Powered by<span>New Gallery 2017/8/22</span><span>Headline on front page of daily Blic: Macedonian services following and frightening diplomats from Serbia</span><span>ori