Coral bridge between the Mediterranean and Marmara Sea to be restored by 2024

The vital underwater coral bridge between the Mediterranean and Marmara Sea is expected to be fully restored by 2024, thanks to DP World Yarımca's Yellow Coral Conservation Project that is being carried out with Istanbul University and the Marine Life Conservation Society (DYKD).

Remarkable’ giant coral reef found off Tahiti

Scientists have discovered a vast reef of "pristine" rose-shaped corals apparently unharmed by climate change in deep water off the coast of Tahiti, UNESCO announced on Jan. 21.

Mapping approximately three kilometers (two miles) long and up to 65 meters (213 feet) wide, UNESCO said it was "one of the most extensive healthy coral reefs on record."

Resort town ready to welcome diving enthusiasts in new season

Following the lifting of the 17-day full nationwide lockdown, Ayvalık, one of the charming and picturesque towns of the Aegean province of Balıkesir, is once again ready to host local and international visitors, with its historical texture, cosmopolitan cuisine and natural beauties offering a unique experience.

Global warming’s extreme rains threaten Hawaii’s coral reefs

As muddy rainwater surged from Hawaii's steep seaside mountains and inundated residential communities last month, the damage caused by flooding was obvious: Houses were destroyed and businesses swamped, landslides covered highways and raging rivers and streams were clogged with debris.

The Bulgarian Court Authorized Construction on the Coral beach near Lozenets

The Supreme Administrative Court, with its final decision of 10 January this year, has allowed the construction of a complex of 45,000 square meters of built-up area on the Coral beach near the village of Lozenets. The local site reported the decision first and cited by Dnevnik.