Rough seas for offshore wind parks

The National Offshore Wind Farm Development Plan is facing fresh obstacles, in addition to those initially imposed by geopolitical factors, such as the non-extension of territorial waters beyond six miles in the Eastern Aegean and the military operations of the Hellenic Armed Forces General Staff.

Police arrest 282 persons in one day

More than 250 individuals were arrested across Greece on Wednesday by the police. 

According to the police, officers took into account local operational plans and focused on areas with increased crime in an effort to improve public safety. 

From the 21,609 people that were checked, 733 individuals were brought into police stations and 282 people were arrested. 

Record tourist numbers in Greece despite heatwave, fires


The number of tourists visiting Greece has hit a record high since the start of the year, despite a heatwave and fierce wildfires over the summer, according to official statistics.

From January to the end of August, 22.65 million people visited the Mediterranean country renowned for its Aegean islands and ancient sites such as the Acropolis in the capital Athens.

Corfu affected by heavy thunderstorms

A heavy storm hit Corfu at 03.00 p.m. on Monday causing problems with the electricity system as well as with the operation of the Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport. 

Eight flights were not able to land because of the thunderstorm, while three of them had to land at nearby airports. 

Areas in the center and periphery of Corfu experienced power cuts. 

Elderly pedestians killed in Corfu road accident

Police on Corfu are investigating a fatal road incident in which two pedestrians, a couple in their 80s, lost their lives.

The accident took place late on Thursday night, on the Roda-Acharavi provincial road when the couple, aged 80 and 81 years old, were struck by a car being driven by a 31-year-old citizen, who was subsequently arrested.

A fugitive mob suspect in Greece is betrayed by his passion for hometown Naples soccer champions

Hometown passion for this year's soccer champions from Naples has betrayed the hideout of a longtime crime fugitive from Italy, who was captured while riding a motor scooter on a Greek island, Italian police said Saturday.