Bulgarian: Professor: It is very Likely that there will be a New COVID Wave in the Autumn

"The decline in COVID-19 cases is steady but the rate of decline is slowing. It is very likely that new mutations will emerge in the autumn to winter period of 2022, leading to a new variant that will increase morbidity. Probably the wave will be milder but there will be more infected people," said on Nova TV Prof.

Coronavirus infection figures down 28% week-on-week

Ljubljana – The coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia is on a continued decline, as 561 new cases reported for Saturday, down 28% on the week before, and hospital numbers dropping. Hospitalisations are meanwhile up slightly, and one person with a confirmed coronavirus infection died, the latest data shows.

New coronavirus cases down almost 70% in weekly comparison

Ljubljana – The number of new coronavirus cases in Slovenia dropped from over 7,000 to over 2,000 in a week. A total of 2,265 positive cases were picked up from 2,326 PCR and 20,627 rapid antigen tests on Monday. This morning, 511 Covid patients were in hospital, down 15 from yesterday, including 96 in intensive care, down 7 from the day before, the government said.

Just over 3,700 new coronavirus infections recorded on Friday

Ljubljana – A total of 3,731 new coronavirus cases were confirmed in Slovenia on Friday in 2,427 PCR and 86,503 rapid antigen tests, as the epidemic continues to wane. The National Institute of Public Health estimates there are still 88,410 active cases in the country, down 7,934 from the day before.

New theory claims it was not China: "This is where it all started"

An early version of COVID-19, which seems to have been created in the laboratory, was discovered in samples from a Chinese biotechnology company, writes Sara Knapton, the Science Editor for The Daily Telegraph.
This finding justifies claims that the virus may have originated as a laboratory experiment that accidentally leaked.

PM Janša falls ill with coronavirus

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Janez Janša self-tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday. He posted a photo of a positive test result on Twitter, saying he had all the symptoms typical of Covid-19, although mild.

Janša said that his family had successfully avoided coronavirus for two years until Tuesday, when his two sons had self-tested positive, while his test had been negative.