Almost 8,400 coronavirus cases confirmed on Sunday

Ljubljana – Slovenia confirmed 8,396 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday. The latest figures bring the 14-day incidence per 100,000 people, a closely-watched benchmark, to 5,620, meaning almost 6% of the population have had a confirmed case of the virus in the past fortnight. Sunday’s case count is almost 70% higher than a week ago.

"Children should go to school and kindergarten, they are ideal carriers of the virus"

According to Dr Sekler, it can be noticed that "the virus has crossed two thirds of the way and that everything is on the right track for now".
Sekler told RTS that the winter period is generally the season of respiratory diseases, and he estimated that children should go to kindergartens and schools.

New absolute daily record in Slovenia as case count tops 12,000

Ljubljana – The number of new coronavirus cases spiked even further in Slovenia on Tuesday, exceeding all daily counts by far, with as many as 12,286 coronavirus infections recorded. 63.2% of PCR tests came back positive, according to the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ). So far, the highest daily count of infections was confirmed on Monday, when 8,681 tested positive.

Bulgarian Expert: We Expect a Double Epidemic - from Influenza and Coronavirus

"We expect a double epidemic in our country - from influenza and coronavirus. Maybe we will have a more severe flu season." Such a forecast was made in the studio of "Sabudi Se" on Nova TV by Georgi Popov, an expert on infectious diseases at Sofiamed University Hospital. According to him, the health system will withstand the pressure.

Week-on-week coronavirus case count drops by 23% to 1,476

Ljubljana – Slovenia saw 1,476 new coronavirus infections confirmed on Friday, almost 23% less than the same day a week ago, fresh figures from the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) show. Another 11 people died with Covid-19 yesterday. The 7-day average of new cases dropped by 61 from the day before to 1,446, and the cumulative 14-day incidence per 100,000 people fell by 36 to 1,099.

1.675 new cases, 41 people died

12.036 people lost the fight against the coronavirus, 41 of them in the previous day.
3.304 people were hospitalized, and 194 were on respirators.
A total of 1.268.787 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Serbia so far.
Let us remind you, 1.884 infected people were registered on Tuesday, and 40 people died.

The biggest hotspot of omicrons in Europe: "This is the beginning of the end" PHOTO

But instead of panicking, Norwegian epidemiologists point out that this is a potential indication of the end of the epidemic.
The infection broke out in the restaurant and night club "Louise" on November 26 - about 120 people who were there that night were infected with the coronavirus, of which about half were infected with omicron.