Corporate debt bubble

Turkey's short-term external debt stock at $125.3 bln in July

Turkey's short-term external debt stock stood at $125.3 billion at the end July, according to data released on Sept. 17. 

The debt that must be paid in a year or less climbed 9.7% in July compared to the end of 2020, according to the Turkish Central Bank.

A total of 40.7% of the debt stock is in U.S. dollars, 25.8% in euros, 13.3% Turkish liras, and 20.2% in other currencies.

The Public Debt Management Agency is preparing a new exit to markets

JP Morgan expects a new Greek entry into the markets in the coming weeks, either through the issuance of a new reference bond (5-7 years) or through the opening of bid books for existing securities (10 years), proposing a partial profit in view of the new offer of securities.

Greece plans to tap bond markets to raise 10-12 billion euros in 2021, sources say

Greece intends to borrow 10 billion to 12 billion euros ($14.60 billion) by issuing short-term and long-term debt in 2021, about the same amount as this year, in a bid to ensure its continual presence in debt markets, two government sources told Reuters on Tuesday.