Small shareholder association boss found guilty of insider trading in retrial

Ljubljana – The Ljubljana Local Court has sentenced Kristjan Verbič, the president of the Pan-Slovenian Association of Small Shareholders (VZMD), to a suspended prison sentence for insider trading in 2007, the newspaper Delo reported. Verbič already got an eight-month suspended sentence in 2017.

Delo urges caution in arms deals

Ljubljana – The newspaper Delo notes on Saturday that there is a long history of scandals involving arms deals in Slovenia. Commenting on a government-to-government purchase of a transport aircraft from Italy, the paper says that the Defence Ministry has checked whether the deal could be carried out without an anti-corruption clause in the contract.

Albania Journalist Union ‘Expected’ Public TV Director’s Arrest

Albania's Special Court on Monday confirmed the decision by the Special Prosecution Against Organized Crime and Corruption, SPAK, on Friday to arrest the former General Director of Albanian Radio National Television, RTSH, Thoma Gëllçi, for abuse of duty over a tender worth about 708,000 euros.

Albania Reopens Case Against Ex-Minister for Deadly Explosion

The Special Court of Appeals Against Corruption and Organised Crime ruled on Friday that the case against Fatmir Mediu, who was defence minister in 2008 when an ammunition dump explosion killed 26 people, should be reopened.

The blast happened while ammunition from the period of Communist rule in Albania was being dismantled.

Appeal to anti-graft watchdog to check PM’s contacts with lobbyists

Ljubljana – The opposition-controlled Commission for Oversight of Public Finances has asked the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption to check the records of Prime Minister Janez Janša’s contacts with lobbyists after a media reported that he had played golf on several occasions with the owner of a medical devices supplier.