Former Chief Prosecutor: Bulgaria is Run from the Back Seat of Jeeps

"There is no prosecutor's office and no chief prosecutor in the world that can fight corruption and theft when corruption and theft are the state policy. There is no way to achieve results for justice when the politicians who actually run the country and the economic circles behind them are at war and they don't want justice.

Albania Prosecutors Seek Former Deputy PM Arben Ahmetaj’s Arrest

Arben Ahmetaj, a long-time member of Albania's parliament and former Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister is facing a request from prosecutors for his arrest on charges of corruption and money laundering.

Ahmetaj, 54, holds parliamentary immunity, so the Special Structure Against Corruption and Organised Crime, SPAK, has asked parliament for permission to arrest him.

Bulgaria: The Five Police Officers that were Detained for Concealing a Crime have been Released

The five police officers from the capital's Second District Office who were detained yesterday have been released. They were investigated for concealing a crime, but evidence of bribery was collected.

For this reason, proceedings from the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office are sent to the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office, which is competent to investigate corruption crimes.

Ramiz Merko: North Macedonia’s Mayor on US Corruption Black List

"While serving as Struga's mayor, Ramiz Merko misappropriated funds and interfered with judicial and other public processes, damaging the public's faith in North Macedonia's democratic institutions and officials," the US State Department explained shortly in a press release on Tuesday.

Bulgaria: Former Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev hinted at a Political Career in the Future

With an address to the Bulgarian people on YouTube, the former chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev hinted at a possible political career. Announcing his resignation as prosecutor, he promised citizens "to continue the fight for truth and justice."

"I made my choice - not to be silent and not to bow my head to injustice.