Greece mulls expansion of naval fleet, says minister

Defense Minister Nikos Dendias has indicated that Greece considers further bolstering the Hellenic Navy by acquiring additional vessels.

Speaking at a defense exhibition in Athens on Wednesday, Dendias expressed Greece's ongoing interest in procuring a fourth Belharra-class frigate from France, along with an undisclosed number of corvettes.

Turkey, Pakistan joint military exercise ends

A three-week joint military exercise involving Turkish and Pakistani special forces ended on Feb. 20.

The closing ceremony of the drill ATATÜRK-XI 2021 was held at the Pakistani military's Special Service headquarters in Tarbela, northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkwa province, which borders neighboring Afghanistan, said a statement from the Pakistan Army.

Turkey to build first frigate with indigenous resources

Turkey aims to build the country's first frigate with mostly indigenous resources as part of its national warship program MILGEM.

Known as the Istanbul-class frigate, the first frigate is aimed to be constructed with 75% indigenous resources, compared to Ada-class corvettes built with 72% indigenous resources, according to information obtained by Anadolu Agency's correspondent.

Turkish Provocation! Two Turkish vessels between Lesbos and Chios

Just a few days following the provocative flight of six Turkish military jets over four Greek islands, Turkey is violating Greek territorial waters yet again. The Turkish hydrographic plane is on a mission between the islands of Lesbos and Chios accompanied by the Turkish corvette ship, Bodrum.